42 years of experience

About Tommy Diependaal

Tommy is the lead trainer at Twin Fit personal trainers with more than 30 years experience. Our personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It’s about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. We take a whole-body approach so that our clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication, and education you can do it and we can help! Changing your life is a journey and we will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way.

Fitness is a tool that is bringing people back to life. Mentally and physically with everything in between. No Better feeling than finishing a workout, dripping sweat with blaring music knowing you accomplished something you never dreamed of. 

Your main sport is, Running, Cycling or Swimming, you will get a supporting training schedule

Weight training programs can be for at home or in a gym.

Bodyweight programs, no problem!

NBBF personal training certificate
A2W Metabolic Coach certificate

How Does Online Training Work?

Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan. Sign up and start your fitness journey today.