As a fitness trainer / coach, during my time as a client of yours (and having observed you before and after I finished training with you 1 on 1 ) it's apparent that your clients (young and old, fat and thin, male and female) enjoy their training sessions with you in which you design effective (easy..... I mean hard) and engaging training sessions.

You appear organised and eager with each client, with a clear training goal in mind for the individual rather than 'faking' it on the day. You have the ability to adapt and change, thinking on your feet while remaining focused on the client.

I believe these are all good traits you as a fitness professional (and coach) possess, no doubt gained by your many years in the fitness industry and you passion for health and wellbeing.

you regulary post commentary on the internet via your varoius fitness channels. And I am gratefull that the company I work with started with you with a online corporate wellness program. That I am now also part of so I can continue with gett coach by you in a virtual way so to say.